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2023 Lineman Appreciation

Thank you to all who participated in our 2023 Lineman Appreciation! You may still submit coloring pages if you choose! If you have submitted your coloring pages and have NOT received your bucket trucks, please visit one of our offices or contact Kelsie at


We have a variety of coloring pages available to print or pick up at our lobbies! We would love you to share these with your students to color/write and return them to one of our offices. We can also arrange to pick up your class's pages if needed! We would also like to give each of your students a build-your-own paper Co-Mo bucket truck as a thank-you! Feel free to take pictures of your class drawing for us to post to our Facebook page for a shout out, although not required! Please contact Kelsie at to arrange pick up and let us know how many trucks you will need!


As stated above, we have coloring sheets available for print or pick up at our lobbies! You can also pick up a build-your-own paper Co-Mo bucket truck as a thank-you when you bring your child's coloring sheet to our office!


Our line workers love hearing from our members! We would love to see some letters, notes, and comments from our members! Feel free to send us a letter or leave them a message here: We will make sure they get to our linemen!

If you have any questions, please contact Kelsie at


Mail all letters to

ATTN: Kelsie Baldus

Co-Mo Connect

P.O. Box 220

Tipton, MO 65081


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coloring sheet 3.png
bucket truck sheet.png
light bulb coloring page.png
Coloring sheet 1.png
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