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Member Billing Options

Billing Due Dates

Co-Mo understands people get paid at different times during the month. To help accommodate you, we offer multiple billing due dates.  Please request the cycle that meets your budget needs.

  • Cycle 1 – Due by the 10th of the month

  • Cycle 3 – Due by the 17th of the month

  • Cycle 4 – Due by the 24th of the month

  • Cycle 5 – Due by the 1st of the month


Empower Rates (Prepaid Metering)

Empower Rates provides a service so you can view your daily usage, receive e-mail and/or phone notifications about things such as low balances or payments received and make smaller payments as your budget allows. This service requires a $100 fee, $25 of which is used as a security deposit and $75 of which is used to purchase electricity. The deposit earns 6 percent interest annually.


Empower Rate accounts are subject to an increased availability charge. However, no late fees will be assessed while participating in prepaid service.

To qualify, your size of service must be 200 amps or less.

To learn more about this, please call (800) 781-0157 or e-mail

Bills not paid on the due date are subject to a 5% penalty the next day and may result in a disconnect status 11 business days after the due date. Following a disconnect, reconnect fees, deposits, and additional charges may apply. 

Empower Rates accounts will disconnect at 11:30 a.m. if there is a negative balance. If the account disconnects, the member must pay the amount due plus $40 for the account to reconnect. If the account has had a negative balance for seven days, the account will become an inactive account.

If you need to make a payment arrangement, please contact us at 800-781-0157. Each account (not including Empower Rates) is eligible for one payment arrangement every three months. 

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