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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are Co-Mo members just like all other members and hold exactly the same amount of ownership as any other member of Co-Mo – one share. The nine directors serve three-year terms. There are three directors from each of the three districts. The directors meet monthly to conduct the business of the cooperative and to make policy decisions. The long-term interests of the entire Co-Mo membership are paramount in their considerations. The directors are elected on a rotating basis. The election normally takes place at the Co-Mo annual meeting in May.

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District 1
Rick Everhart Sr.
Bill Betteridge
Kathy Page

District 2
Gary Harris
Rick Purdon
Jason Martin

District 3
Craig Allee
Gene Eulinger Jr.
Byron Haldiman

Co-Mo Board of Directors Information


The business of Co-Mo Connect Powered by Co-Mo Electric Cooperative is managed by a nine-member Board of Directors who are elected by the member-owners during the Annual Meeting.


There are three board members for each of Co-Mo’s three districts. 


What are the term limits for Board members? 


Board members are elected to three-year terms. Every three years, board members must run for reelection. These three-year terms are staggered, so there is an election each year for three sitting board members, one from each district.

Board members can continue to run for reelection as long as they continue to meet the requirements to be a board member.


Who can be a Board member?

All members of the Cooperative are eligible to be elected to the board as long as they meet these requirements:

  • You must be a member in the area served or to be served by Co-Mo for electric service at your primary place of residence.

  • You cannot be employed or financially interested in a competing enterprise or business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative.

  • You and/or an immediate family member cannot be a current employee or retiree of Co-Mo. If you and/or an immediate family member are former Co-Mo employees, you must wait five years before being eligible to run for the board.

In addition to these requirements, no more than one resident of any township shall serve on the Board of Directors at any one time.


How are Board members selected to be on the ballot?


At the beginning of each year, a Nominating Committee for Co-Mo’s Board of Directors meets to begin the nomination process. This committee consists of nine to eleven members selected from different sections of the Cooperative to ensure equitable representation.


The committee, keeping in mind the principle of equitable representation, provides two candidates for each position to be filled by the election.


If a member wishing to be a member of the board is not selected through the Nominating Committee process, they can still petition to be included on the ballot after obtaining signatures from 50 verified Co-Mo cooperative members. This process must be completed at least 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting to be included on the official ballot.


How do members vote for Board members?

Each year, members are asked to take part in the democratic process of voting for Board members. This process can be done online, by mail-in ballot, or by voting in person at the Annual Meeting.

Members receive information about Board candidates via email and through Rural Missouri. This information includes bios and speeches from the candidates, along with information about how to cast a vote.

If you have additional questions about the policies of our Board of Directors, you can review those HERE.

How do members contact Board members?

If you need to reach out to your board member, give us a call at 800-781-0157 and let us know which board member you are needing to speak with and provide some details about your call so we can relay that to the board member with your contact information so they can reach out to you at their earliest availability. 

You can also reach out to your board member by filling out this contact form:

Thank you! You will be contacted in the next few days during regular business hours.

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