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Should I Buy Solar?

Net metering 101:  What cooperative members should know


Missouri’s net metering act requires retail electric suppliers to make net metering available to customers who have their own electric generation units that meet certain criteria, one of which is that the unit is powered by renewable energy resources. 


Net metering is where the customer gets credit for the electricity he/she generates in lieu of electricity supplied by the electric utility.  Net metering provides the best of both worlds for consumers who choose to invest in renewable energy technology: they have the security of grid connection, but are also compensated for the excess power they produce that’s fed into the grid.


Co-Mo Connect has a net-metering agreement for the interconnection of a distributed generation source. Our policy, agreement, and application reflect the standards set by the Net-Metering and Easy Connect Act (ECA). 


Net metering is available to customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the total rated generating capacity of the net metering systems equals 5 percent of the utility’s single-hour peak load during the previous year. 


Simple interconnection procedures that standardize interconnection for all Missourians are necessary to promote the use of renewable energy in Missouri. The ECA makes it easier and more cost-effective for Missourians to connect small renewable energy systems to the grid.


Co-Mo Connect supports sound renewable energy.  However, we urge our members to do their research before moving forward with the expenditures associated with adding solar, wind, or any type of renewable energy source to their home.  For more information, please contact the cooperative at 800-781-0157.

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