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Right-of-Way (ROW) at Co-Mo

Co-Mo Connect has contractor crews clear the Right-of-Way (ROW) and conduct vegetation management to provide our members with the reliable power they need. Our contractor crews perform this work to minimize the potential time members would be without power should a tree or tree branch fall on our lines and disrupt electric service.

We clear our overhead primary circuits 40 feet (20 feet on both sides of the line) from ground to sky. Likewise, all underground primary circuits must be maintained to 20 feet from ground to sky.

The illustration below shows our overhead ROW clearing. You can see that the 40 feet space (20 feet on either side of the line) is a “no tree zone” as those trees would grow to have a higher potential impact on our system should they impact our lines. Additionally, the illustration shows trees that may need to be trimmed due to their height. If they were to fall, they are tall enough that they could reach our lines.​


We clear the ROW because:

  • It decreases the chance that a tree or branch will fall during a severe weather event that would cause members in that area to be without necessary power for an undesired duration of time.

  • It provides our linemen and contractors with a safer area to work. Fallen trees and debris in powerlines can cause hazardous working conditions.

  • It decreases the chance of a hazardous electric and/or fire emergency on the landowner’s property.

  • It is in the best interest of our electric membership to provide a safe and reliable service.

How are members alerted of ROW maintenance happening in their area?

  • Before ROW maintenance/vegetation management begins, members receive a postcard and email (if one is available) indicating that a Co-Mo contractor will soon be working in their area.

  • In some cases, if a member has a tree on their property that could potentially disrupt electric services reliability, but the member is not home, a door hanger will be left on their door indicating the date the property was visited, where the tree is located, and contact information for them to call about the tree.


ROW Vegetation Management

Why we spray:

Vegetation management in an electric right-of-way is crucial for safety and accessibility. Clearing vegetation along the ROW improves visibility, allowing for better inspection and maintenance of power infrastructure. It also facilitates easy access for repair crews during emergencies, minimizing response times and ensuring public safety.


What we spray:

While vegetation management is necessary, it's important to do it in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes avoiding the use of harmful chemicals that could harm the ecosystem or pollinators.

The spray we use for vegetation management is a mix that is aquatic, pollinator, and livestock friendly.

What we target when spraying:

When we spray, we are targeting:

  • Woody Plant Species

    • We do this to improve safety and accessibility, but also to decrease the density of trees, bushes, and shrubs in the ROW. This results in lower costs to members due to not having a higher density of clearing to remove every seven years.

  • Vines

    • Vine plant species can grow on poles, guy wires, and equipment. These plants are removed and cut off at ground level and the surrounding area is treated with an approved herbicide mixture to discourage regrowth.

What we DON'T spray:

If a member’s property has a ROW easement they do not want sprayed, it is the responsibility of the member to maintain the electric right-of-way to Co-Mo’s standards to ensure safety and accessibility.

While the herbicide mix Co-Mo uses is livestock friendly, we do not apply spray near goat and dairy farms out of an abundance of caution.

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