Smart energy choices make a home more comfortable and power bills more affordable. That’s why Co-Mo Electric is currently offering several services to help members make their existing homes more energy efficient through its Take Control & Save program. This initiative is part of the overall effort to manage the growth of energy use in order to postpone the need for building expensive new power plants.


You can save up to $100 when you purchase new qualifying energy-efficient appliances for your primary residence. Click here for important qualifications and rebate amounts. Qualified? Click here to download the application. Don’t delay! It must be returned within 90 days of purchase.


Co-Mo Electric will pay you to put an energy-efficient heat pump in your existing home if you are replacing a central air conditioning system, a central electric furnace or a ground source heat pump. The structure in which the member resides and where this equipment is installed must be a permanent structure on a permanent foundation on land owned by the member and the location must use 6,000 kwh or more a year. For a ground source heat pump, it must be certified by ENERGY STAR +2 with an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 19.1 or higher to receive a rebate of up to $850 per ton. Click here to download the ground source application. For a high efficiency, air-to-air, dual-fuel heat pump, it must be certified by ENERGY STAR +2 with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 16.5 or higher to receive a rebate of up to $150 per ton. For a new dual-fuel air source heat pump with a SEER rating from 13 to 16.4, you can receive a $300 per system rebate. (Note: This offer cannot be combined with the ENERGY STAR +2 rebate.) Click here to download the duel-fuel application.


Energy Star Window Air Conditioners — $50

Water heater, Energy Factor 0.91 or higher — $50

Dual fuel heat pump, 16.5 seer and above —$150/ton

Dual fuel heat pump 13 to 16.4 seer —$300/system

Ground source heat pump, closed loop — $850/ton

Ground source heat pump, open loop/replacement — $150/ton

Walk Through Tier one Energy Audit — One free audit

Blower Door Test Maximum — $300*
(Money is rebated back to your electric bill after minimum energy improvements are completed. *Details dependent on walk-through audit.)

Weatherization — 50 percent of cost up to $500
(After blower door test has been completed)

Business and Agriculture lighting rebates —Lighting rebate is based on $0.06 per kWh saved or 40% of fixture cost. Whichever is less. Lighting rebates need to be pre-approved

All appliances/systems must be pre-qualified. Contact Co-Mo Electric Energy Services Advisor Tom Hulse at (800) 781-0157 or for details. Visit for an application and more information.