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Co-Mo Connect 84th Annual Meeting
- Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 

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Rick J. Everhart - District 1

I’m Rick Everhart, and it has been a blessing and honor to serve you for the past nine years on the Como Electric and Como Comm board, where I’m currently serving as secretary-treasurer. During those nine years, I have completed my BLC, CCD, and my director gold certifications. 


My greatest joy in life is serving God with all of my heart, mind, and soul. This allows me to truly serve my family and serve you. Speaking of family, I am extremely blessed to be married to my beautiful wife, Leona, for 38 years and to have five children and six grandchildren. My family and I are members of Ridgeview Mennonite Church in Barnett, Missouri, where we attend. I also serve as a chaplain for Christian aid ministries during times of need.


Here’s a little about my work history, I worked for nine years as a tree trimmer for Kansas City power & light and worked side by side with linemen in some extreme conditions, and I truly understand what it means to keep the lights on. My wife and I then spent the next three decades in the IT industry building and bringing new technologies into our homes, businesses, and school districts, including internet service, for many years. I also served as the technology director for a local school district for 12 of those years and have since retired from the IT industry professionally. I currently serve the community at Weaver’s Tire Service and keep their technologies up and running smoothly.


Serving you, our members, has been very educational, exciting & rewarding. We have accomplished more than we could imagine, with so much more ahead of us. I believe with education, knowledge, and collaboration between members, employees, and directors we will continue to thrive as a successful Cooperative. With your support, I will continue to do my best for all members of our locally owned and operated Electric Cooperative. May God continue to bless you and your families. Thank you for your consideration.

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