California, Mo. (Nov. 14, 2014) — The sixth-annual Moniteau County Back to School Fair will be Aug. 1, 2015 — and someone’s going to get wet.

The Moniteau County Alliance for Kids’ Board of Directors met Nov. 12 to set the date for the 2015 fair and picked a date a week later than in previous years to help boost attendance.

“The thought is that more people will be back from those final family vacations of the summer and able to attend the fair,” said John Agliata, the Board’s president and communications manager for Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, which sponsors the event. “Attendance has been really good the past few years. We believe it can be even better and that we can help more kids go back to school with the supplies they need to learn and without any undiagnosed health issues.”

New for the fair in 2015 will be a dunking booth. The Board hopes to entice school principals, coaches or athletes to sit on the platform at the mercy of the students.

“The plan is to have kids get tickets at each of the stops they make as they get their health checks,” said Andrea Kincaid, administrator for the Moniteau County Health Center and a member of the board. “Then they can turn those tickets in, one per throw at the target.”

The Moniteau County Back to School Fair started in 2010 via a collaboration of businesses and service organizations. In 2013, the fair organized into a 501(c)3charity under the name of the Moniteau County Alliance for Kids. Children registered for the fair are guaranteed a backpack of school- and grade-specific supplies after they complete a series of health checks, which include vision, hearing and dental screenings.

This year’s fair will once again be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at California High School. It is open to all children who are educated in Moniteau County, including homeschooled students, regardless of income level. Registration forms will be sent home with students this spring. An online registration form is available now at for those who are sure they can come to the event.

For questions about the fair, email Agliata at or call him at (800) 781-0157. 

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