Cold Weather Energy Tips

We want to say THANK YOU to all of our amazing members for their efforts conserving energy over the past couple days. Your efforts, along with the efforts of the other cooperative members in Missouri have continued to prevent the need for rolling blackouts/controlled outages!

The Midwest grid continues to be under immense pressure, so lets continue to do our part here in Co-Mo Country to conserve energy where possible. You can help by lowering your thermostat by a few degrees, turning off unneeded lights, alternating the use of large appliances and temporarily avoiding hot water use along with toasters and coffee makers in the morning.

Rolling Blackout FAQs (updated 2/17 at 10:00 AM)

Will we lose power?
We are currently hopeful that the continued energy conservation efforts by Co-Mo members and the rest of rural Missouri will remain sufficient to avoid the possibility of rolling blackouts for our service area. However, if the energy conservation need gets to the point that rolling blackouts (or rotating outages) become essential, we will provide members with as much information and notice as possible. Please continue to follow our Facebook page for updates.

Why is this happening?
The ongoing extreme cold temperatures continue to impact a large portion of the country all at once, placing an increasing strain on the power grid. That is why it is so important that everyone helps alleviate the system’s strain by practicing energy conservation where they can.

What are rolling blackouts?
Rolling blackouts (or rotating outages/controlled outages) are temporary power outages that help balance the supply and demand of electricity in the market. In this instance, the supply of electricity is too low compared to the demand causing the need for a rolling blackout. These small, temporary outages help prevent everyone in the area from experiencing an even longer blackout.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to conserve energy when possible. Co-Mo has done a great job helping alleviate the strain placed on the electric system, and we are extremely grateful to our membership.


IMPORTANT: While the tips below are meant to help you conserve energy during the extreme cold and keep the cost of power as low as possible, it is still VERY COLD, and you will likely have increased energy usage as a result. These tips will only help lower energy use, not completely prevent your bill from increasing during this time. A good rule of thumb is that for every kilowatt hour saved, you have saved a dime!

  • Lower your thermostat as much as possible while remaining comfortable.
    • By lowering your thermostat by one degree, the average homeowner will see a 3% reduction in usage over the period of a month!
  • Place blankets or plastic film over windows to stop drafts and prevent cold air from coming into the home.
  • Temporarily avoid using toasters and coffee makers in the morning.
  • Make sure your door seals are tight.
    • If you feel a draft entering your home from the door cracks, make sure your weather stripping is secure. If there are gaps between the doorframe and the wall where cold air is coming in, fill those gaps with caulk.
  • Think about getting a door sweep to place along the bottom edge of your door to prevent a draft from entering under the door.
  • Make sure the air filter for your furnace is clean.
    • These should be checked regularly as a good homeowner habit, but if they are currently dirty, now would be a great time to replace those filters.
  • Lower your thermostat and use space heaters to heat the space you are using comfortably.
    • This will save on energy used to heat the entire house and ensure the living space being used is a comfortable temperature.
    • DO NOT close every vent in the house other than the rooms being occupied. This will continue to put a strain on the furnace and not save on energy use. It is better in this instance to lower the thermostat for the entire home and use space heaters to heat rooms being used.


  • Space heaters can be great for supplemental heat, but they should always be used safely!
    • Do not leave space heaters unattended.
    • Turn off space heaters before you leave the room or go to sleep.
    • Keep flammable items at least three feet away.
    • Plug the heater directly into an outlet. Many power strips and extension cords are not equipped to handle the energy spikes caused by a space heater cycling on and off.
    • Keep children and pets away from space heaters.
    • Do not use a heater that appears to be damaged or has a frayed cord.
    • Place heaters on flat level surfaces. Avoid placing them on furniture from which they may fall.
    • Do not use space heaters underneath your home or in enclosed spaces to thaw pipes.
      • To keep pipes from freezing, let water drip from a faucet in the home. Running water through the pipe helps prevent pipes from freezing.


Most counties have a list of shelters as part of their Emergency Management plan. Those shelters may be in several areas throughout the county. Remember to contact their County Sheriff’s Office to see if and where these emergency shelters may be set up. Available shelters are dependent upon the severity of weather, severity of power outages, number of volunteers to run the shelter, etc. 

Benton County Sheriff’s Office: 660-438-6135

Camden County Sheriff’s Office: 573-346-2243

Cole County Sheriff’s Office: 573-634-9160

Cooper County Sheriff’s Office: 660-882-2271

Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office: 573-796-2525

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office: 573-378-5481 and Press 0

In addition, there are several Warming and Cooling Centers listed on the MO Department of Health and Senior Services website. Most of these locations are available to residents during normal business hours. Remember to contact each location to verify their open hours before going to a listed location. Their website also offers a map with locations shown across Missouri:

Benton County:

  • Warsaw Senior Center (Warsaw): 660-438-3300
  • Warsaw Branch Library (Warsaw): 660-438-5211
  • Cole Camp Senior Center (Cole Camp): 660-668-2352

Camden County:

  • Camden Library District (Camdenton): 573-346-5954
  • Sunrise Beach Library (Sunrise Beach): 573-347-6982
  • Macks Creek Senior Center (Macks Creek): 573-363-0153

Cole County:

  • Capital Mall (Jeff City): 573-893-5323
  • Clarke Senior Center (Jeff City): 573-634-8020
  • Missouri River Regional Library (Jeff City): 573-634-2464
  • Salvation Army Jefferson City (Jeff City): 573-635-1975

Cooper County:

  • Boonslick Senior Center (Boonville): 660-882-2344
  • Boonville Library (Boonville): 660-882-5864

Moniteau County:

  • California Nutrition Center (California): 573-796-4240
  • Moniteau County Library (California): 573-796-2642
  • Moniteau Nutrition Center (Tipton):660-433-2715

Morgan County:

  • Morgan County Library (Versailles): 573-378-5319
  • Versailles Senior Center (Versailles):  573-378-6232
  • Westside Senior Center (Laurie): 573-372-3588
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