Annual Meeting

The 82nd Annual Meeting will be held on May 27 at 6:30 PM.

IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Co-Mo’s Annual meeting will be a scaled down version of the in-person meeting and voting will be conducted via mail-in ballots which are INSERTED IN THE MAY EDITION OF RURAL MISSOURI MAGAZINE!

Co-Mo will host an in-person Annual Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday,
May 27. FOOD WILL NOT BE SERVED. In addition to not serving food, there will not be additional vendors present, a health fair, live music or additional fun items such as bounce houses or face painting.

The in-person meeting will only focus on the traditional business portion of the event.

Voting by the member-owners will be done USING THE MAY EDITION OF RURAL MISSOURI.


The items you need to vote are in the magazine! In it you will find:
– Board candidate information
– Bylaw change information
– TWO ballots: One ballot for board candidates and another for
bylaw changes
– A member registration card
– A business reply envelope

Please use the information pages in the May edition to learn about each board candidate and suggested bylaw changes. Once you are ready, use the ballots located in the center of the magazine to vote for board candidates and bylaw changes.

Once you have voted, remove the ballot pages from the center of the magazine using the perforated edges. You will also need to remove the prepaid business reply envelope from the center of the magazine.

Fold and place BOTH ballots into the business reply envelope along with your member registration card which is found on the back cover of the magazine. Using the perforated edges of the back cover, remove your registration card and sign it.

Make sure both ballots and your registration card are in the business reply envelope. Once complete, seal the envelope and place it in the mail.

DEADLINE: Your completed ballots and registration card need to be received by our attorney’s office no later than May 24.

NOTICE: There WILL NOT be food provided during the Annual Meeting this year.

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