Annual Meeting Update 2020

Aaron Bradshaw,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to drastically alter how our annual meeting will occur this May. This decision was made to demonstrate care with the health and safety of both our members and employees in light of the coronavirus situation.

We will not host our traditional annual meeting this year. Instead, in order to maintain business continuity and still hold our 81st Annual Meeting, you will receive a packet in the mail, which will include everything you need to register for prizes, review candidates, vote, and send your ballot in for counting. The actual business meeting will be a limited, online event scheduled to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 21. 

The annual meeting is a special time for co-op members to gather, hear from co-op leadership and, perhaps most importantly, vote to elect your new board members. While we will not be gathering in person this year, we will still provide the opportunity to get together virtually, hear from co-op leadership and vote for your board representatives. 

Around May 1, all Co-Mo members should receive an Annual Meeting Ballot Packet in the mail. Please keep an eye on your mailboxes for this important envelope! Inside, you will find a ballot to vote for new board members, an information sheet with all board candidate bios and photos for information to help make an informed vote, a registration card, and a return envelope. 

Once you have cast your vote on your ballot and filled out your registration card, you will place those in the prepaid return envelope and send those back in. We will use that information to count your vote for the board and enter you to win various electric bill credit prizes.

You will need to return the prepaid envelope by May 18 for your vote to be counted and to be registered for prizes. 

Typically, all the board candidates would have the opportunity to give a speech during the Annual Meeting to help you make an informed choice as you vote. You will still have the chance to hear their speeches this year as you are voting! You can go to to watch all the candidate speech videos starting May 1. If you don’t have internet access, you can also listen to the speeches on the phone by calling into 800-781-0157 and following the prompts to listen to the board candidate speeches. 

While the annual meeting will not be held in its traditional format, we will still hold our business meeting on May 21, starting at 6:30 p.m. This meeting will include a minimal number of people to minimize any possibility of health risks. Those in attendance will consist of the Co-Mo Board of Directors, the board candidates, and a minimum number of Co-Mo

This meeting will be available for our members to attend virtually. We will begin a live broadcast on the Co-Mo Electric Cooperative Facebook Page, online at and on Co-Mo Connect Channel 93. The video of the meeting will be available to view following the meeting at if you are unable to attend the virtual meeting live.

This meeting will include the normal business portion of the annual meeting. A meal will not be served this year. This meeting will include an update from our Board president, the announcement of board candidate winners, I will be giving my annual update, and we will announce the lucky prize winners!

While the annual meeting is going to be different this year, it does not change the fact that Co-Mo is run by a democratically elected board that is given the privilege of serving because of your vote. 

Having your voice be heard and participating in the democratic process is important. It ensures that your best interests are taken into consideration in all decisions made by the board. Remember to watch for your ballot packet in the mail, fill it out and return it before May 18. 

From all your friends at Co-Mo, we want to thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we proceed with this new version of our annual meeting, and we hope to see you online on May 21!

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